Лампы — Светильники

Лампа — ночник «Herosrtat»


Лампа накальвания с длинными нитями накала

Питание 220вольт


Цена 96 000 руб 



«Herosrtat» designer ambient and reading lamp. It is developed and made by an intercontinental missile engineer in Russia. Made of pure metal and glass, it is a and stylish reference to Stalinism in the modern arts for those who is tired of high tech. The subject on the photo is a unique piece of illuminating art and design can be sold at just $1600 (excluding shipping).

We can custom make a lamp for you of a desired height and light power, however it will have the number in contrast to the original «Herastrat»

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

UnTone and Lampobaron team.



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